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The core of our team consists of specialists in aerodynamics, flight physics, communications, as well as surveying and cartography. All with many years of experience and passion. The team leader is Przemyslaw Leszczynski - a designer of unmanned aerial systems with many years of experience in developing innovative mapping platforms.

The strength of PolDrone is also the IT staff responsible for safety and flight stability, which is, as is well known, a major challenge with "flying wings". Proficiency in the application of artificial intelligence algorithms and years of experience in avionics development come to their aid.

PolDrone group

These are three dynamically operating companies:

  • PolDrone Ltd as a Research & Development Center,
  • PolDrone Autonomous Technologies Ltd as a producer of civil unmanned aerial vehicles
  • AcheronTec Ltd as a manufacturer of military drones

The mission of the PolDrone Group is to provide high-quality unmanned aerial vehicles, configured for the special needs of the client. The PolDrone Group was born out of passion and owes its continuous development. Many years of experience in designing drones and the engineering team of each of the companies within the PolDrone Group allow us to create an individual product for each industry - in any quantity.

Our Drones

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Long range, long endurance, mapping / surveillance drone.


Uncompromising VTOL airplane made of damage-resistant materials - PEPP, Graphene, Carbon Fiber. The only one on the market with such advanced operator assistance systems, additionally equipped with a Z axis tracking support system, easy to use and resistant to weather conditions. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be fast and quickly adapted to your needs.


This aircraft is under development in cooperation with the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka / Poland.
  • Capable of carrying loads up to 2,000 g.
  • One-way equipment allows it to fly at a speed of 60 to 140 km / h for a distance of 50 km (radio/video link) or more depending on the radio communication configuration.
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