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Uncompromising VTOL airplane made of damage-resistant materials - PEPP, Graphene, Carbon Fiber. The only one on the market with such advanced operator assistance systems, additionally equipped with a Z axis tracking support system, easy to use and resistant to weather conditions. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be fast and quickly adapted to your needs.

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Optional Sensors

  • Sony Full Frame sensors with 35 mm
  • Sony A6600 with 16 mm 1,8f RGB camera
  • Micasense Altum 5 band multispectral camera
  • Cubert Sensors
  • Raptor gimbaled camera
  • Any Payload up to 2 000 g



Total take off weight 8.5 kg
Payload 2 kg
Wing span 2,25 m
Flight time 60 min
Service Ceiling 500 m
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 4000 m
Cruise velocity 17 m/s
Maximum velocity 25 m/s
Range 60 km
Maximum allowable wind speed at takeoff 6 m/s
Video adn RC link range 50 km
Engine 3x high efficiency electric
On-board power supply Li-Po battery
Video link 1.3 Ghz
RC link 915 Mhz (Encypted)
Navigation system GPS


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