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This aircraft is under development in cooperation with the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka / Poland.

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This drone uses advanced radio / video transmission systems and deep learning elements, flies in complete radio silence following the previously determined Azimuth and Coordinates. Cheap and reliable system, easy to configure for other needs.

Optional Sensors

Any Payload up to 2 000 g



Total take off weight 6 kg
Payload 2 kg
Wing span 1,8 m
Flight time 60 min
Service Ceiling 500 m
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 4000 m
Cruise velocity 17 m/s
Maximum velocity 39 m/s
Range 60 km
Maximum allowable wind speed at takeoff 8 m/s
Video adn RC link range 50 km
Engine high efficiency electric
On-board power supply Li-Po battery
Video link 1.3 Ghz
RC link 915 Mhz (Encrypted)
Navigation system GPS


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