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Revolutionizing Emergency Response: Introducing the SARP - An Autonomous Aerial System for Accident Sites


In an era where innovative solutions are vital for enhancing public safety, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of a groundbreaking project: The development of an innovative product - the Autonomous Airborne Rescue System, or SARP (from Polish - System Autonomicznego...

UAV airborne carrier


Hulk A1/Azimuth – UAV airborne carrier. This tandem is equipped with an FPV system and a 360° camera, with a total radio/video communication range of up to 200 km. It can carry up to 6 aircraft equipped with 2 kg warheads or up to 40 kg of payload. It can fly at a speed...

Deep Tech CEE Summit & Challenge


Together with the Pomogę bo mogę team, we are taking part in the Deep Tech CEE Summit & Challenge competition with our completely new drone platform for emergency services. Keep your fingers crossed for us Jakub Skałecki, Rafał Wójcik and Paweł Mazgaj - thank you for...

Work on the transport drone continues


HULK, as this is the name of our drone for special tasks, allows you to carry loads weighing up to 30 kg, while maintaining extraordinary mobility. Our drone is designed for efficient transportation, so you can deliver supplies, equipment or other essential items even tohard-to-reach places.

Visit to the Drawsko Training Ground


During our visit to the training ground in Drawsko, we presented two models of our drones, i.e. Azimuth and Executor. We demonstrated the capabilities of the aircraft in reconnaissance and attack flights.



Production worker 
About us:
The mission of the PolDrone Group is to provide high-quality unmanned aerial vehicles, configured for special customer needs. The PolDrone company was created out of passion and it owes its constant development to this. Many years of experience in...

We have some exciting news to share with you!


Two of our UAVs have successfully undergone pre-certification in Ukraine , meaning that our platforms have been officially tested and approved for carrying payloads of 2kg and 4kg.

Military training area


Today our Vtol drone was tested against a military jamming system and autonomously resumed its mission without any interruption.



Drones are made to fly, so we have to care about them while on the ground. That's why we are delivering our products in robust cases.

We visited the Poznań University of Life Sciences.


Today we visited the Poznań University of Life Sciences. We presented our UAVs and shared our experiences with forestry scientists.

We are nominated for the title


We are nominated for the title "Made in Poland 2023" 
Great news for us! We are delighted that the prize committee recognizes the work and progress we have made 
We are nominated for the title "Made in Poland 2023"
This is fantastic news for us! We are glad that the Polish Agency for...

PolDrone team in TV Studio


PolDrone team at the TV Studio

 We were invited to the "Hej Poznań show" to present our products and tell a bit about the applications of UAVs. 
Video below.



The last day of 2022 makes us a bit sentimental. Prepare yourself for a long read, so take a seat, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and get ready for our 2022 recap.
The year's first half was a valuable, sometimes frustrating, but definitively positive lesson. We were...

DroneTech Meeting


We have just returned from the DroneTech Meeting - a two-day exhibition that gathered professionals, UAV enthusiasts and representatives of various institutions such as State Forests, fire brigades and different armed forces. The event featured some exciting lectures and shows. We are...
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