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Mapping, remote sensing, measurements, NDVI


A.I.OX works well in any area where mapping is needed and for numerous purposes.

Equipped with a photodetection camera, it speeds up the making of geodetic maps for land surveyors and constructors. The drone is useful in mining to estimate the volume of extraction and inspection of opencast mines, and in any other industry for the inspection of ground infrastructure or detection of damage to the infrastructure (e.g. microcracks of windmills in wind farms, damage to transmission lines in power industry, etc.).

In addition to standard mapping, the drone can examine, measure, control other indicators, depending on what sensors or cameras it is equipped with. The quality of RGB cameras photos can determine a type of tire or a size of footprints on the ground. The use of laser rangefinders estimates with millimetre precision e.g. the changes in the height of the area.

Two or three land surveyors working in the area of approx. 500 ha need about 3 weeks to take geodetic measurements. A.I.OX does the same job in 90 minutes (extra few hours for processing photos are needed to bring a full three-dimensional map of the area).


500 ha in 90 min.


In any conditions

Duże wysokości
High altitude

8000 m above sea level

Nie do zdarcia

Really tough

NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

by a drone

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is an indicator of plant vegetation diversity, used in remote sensing measurements. It is used in agriculture, forestry and even archaeology. It allows to determine the growth and the condition of vegetation. NDVI is based on the contrast between the greatest near-infrared reflection and red absorption. It is measured with RGB camera. Its use in the A.I.OX drone brings the mapping of an extensive field of crops in a very short time.

A.I.OX drone is perfect for controlling and inspecting farmland, wherever multispectral imaging is needed.

The use of our drone

is only limited by your imagination!

Industrial drones multi-purpose use


Opencast mines - full supervision


Control, supervision, (NDVI).

land surveying

What takes a few weeks for a human, our drone can do in 90 minutes!


Developing maps - extremely accurate and extremely fast.

nadzór infrastruktury
infrastructure supervision

Send the drone to where the helicopter has flown so far - gas pipelines, traction etc.

ochrona drzewostanu
forest protection

large forest areas

ochrona granic
boundary protection

Monitoring of border areas - fast and effective.

search & rescue
search & reascue

Use of a rotating head with an RGB camera and a thermal drone, - the A.I.OX drone effectively improves S&R missions.