Rotor drone and aerial vehicle combined


Extremely easy to use, no training, no accidents


Easy and individual change / addition of functionality


Hard to damage and resistant


Extremely efficient: 500 ha in 90 min

Bez ograniczeń
Without limitations

flies over 8,000 m above sea level

When things are impossible… get A.I.OX drone

This is the only Polish made drone for special tasks. It performs well at an altitude (well over 8,000 meters above sea level), at difficult landing and take-off (uneven surfaces, heaps of sand or piles of stones), is unbreakable (because of the materials used) and accident-free, as it avoids obstacles. A real ox for all tough jobs, quite smart though (A.I.).

We have been working in this industry for 10 years and know what the industry requires from industrial drones. However, no one has yet combined successfully so many advantages in a small aerial vehicle as the UAV – our A.I.OX drone for special tasks.

No matter what the drone is used for whether for mapping , or forest inspection, no matter what your technical background is, you can operate A.I.OX anytime and anyplace without special training and learning.

Gdzie diabeł nie może, tam pośle… dron A.I.OX

Industrial drones – multi-purpose use


Opencast mines - full supervision


Control, supervision, (NDVI).

land surveying

What takes a few weeks for a human, our drone can do in 90 minutes!


Developing maps - extremely accurate and extremely fast.

nadzór infrastruktury
infrastructure supervision

Send the drone to where the helicopter has flown so far - gas pipelines, traction etc.

ochrona drzewostanu
forest protection

large forest areas

ochrona granic
boundary protection

Monitoring of border areas - fast and effective.

search & rescue
search & reascue

Use of a rotating head with an RGB camera and a thermal drone, - the A.I.OX drone effectively improves S&R missions.

New era of drone use starts now

Poldrone drones are for everyone

A.I.OX is the first and so far the only drone (not only in Poland!) which combines sophistication and specialized use with intuitive and surprisingly easy operation. If you need a device for measurements, detection, mapping, inspection, etc., also in places that are hard-to-reach, but you are discouraged by standard drones due to their breakdowns or complicated steering, you will change your mind because of A.I.OX. Our drone will make every job faster, more effective, and much easier. Artificial intelligence helps when an operator lacks the skills.


Polish creativity of industrial drones’ constructors

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